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Who knew such a small island would have so much to do? There really is something for everyone depending on your interests. Whether you seek an adrenalin-filled holiday or relaxing zen weekend, here are just a few of our favorite things to get you started on planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Bermuda. 

YOGA + massage

Find your inner peace with a private and restorative yoga session with Dr. Bianca Komansky. She offers Shamanic, Ayurveda, Shivananda and Chakra yoga as well as the wonderfully relaxing and meditative Yoga Dreams. Bianca can also provide a variety of massage, healing and alternative therapies in the privacy of your cottage or in the gardens.


Move your body with wild abandon. No one is watching when you partake in a personalised hooping session with Ishrat (Ish) Yakub who has over 5 years experience attended numerous hooping workshops and retreats, as well as opening up TEDx Bermuda with her phenomenal skills. Become more aware and connected to your body and find dance through free movement - all in the privacy of the Ledgelets' gardens. 


Swim with the fishes underneath crystal clear waters featuring shipwrecks, reefs plus amazing corals and marine life. Blue Water Divers is located within walking distance from The Ledgelets. Diving in Bermuda is an unforgettable experience. 

Whale Watching

With the clear blue waters of the Sargasso Sea to the east, and the warm currents of the Gulf Stream just to the west, Bermuda is perfectly situated along the migration routes of whales as they travel to their northern feeding grounds each spring. Be one of the lucky ones to witness the northern parade of the playful Humpback and other whale species.


Step aboard the 40' Challenger for a day out pon de ocean with experienced local fishermen, and John's cousins, Captain Alan Card and his son Ian. With over 60 combined years in the charter boat business, Alan and Ian are some of the best anglers in Bermuda and the best equipped to help you hook some big fish.


Whether it's a romantic dinner a deux or a fun family get together, a private meal in the comfort of your cottage is the ultimate indulgence. Our private chefs offer a unique culinary experience with locally sourced ingredients that will most certainly end up being a night to remember. 

the raw

enjoy fresh bermuda honey straight from the hive. our raw honey is harvested from hives kept on property and maintained by local beekeeper, spencer field, who is on a mission to grow and protect the island's bee population. the ledgelets honey is known for its amazing taste, thanks to the exotic variety of old-growth subtropical flora that has been cultivated on the property for over 70 years. The health benefits of incorporating raw honey into one's diet are impressive. It is antioxidant rich, helps promote healthy sleep, and sooth a digestive system, to say the least. Pair with your favourite meal, or take home as a unique gift. #savethebees


The Bermuda National Gallery is the home of Bermuda’s national art collection and is at the centre of the Island’s vibrant arts scene. As Bermuda’s leading art museum, the BNG has built a diverse collection and exhibition program of past and present works by local and international artists. The Bermuda Collection tell Bermuda’s history through its fine and decorative arts and reflect the Island’s rich multicultural heritage.

Lili Bermuda

Lili Bermuda is the essence of Bermuda. As Bermuda's only perfumery, each fragrance represent's the Island's natural beauty - from the pure scent of the wind and fresh salt spray of the ocean, to its luscious botanicals such as Bermuda cedarwood, spring freesias and juicy loquats. Take a tour of the perfumery, learn the techniques of perfume making and sample the exclusive scents.


Whet your appetite on a guided tour of one of Bermuda’s most diverse farms with head farmer and owner, Tom Wadson. His passion for local food culture is infectious as he guides you through a long history of farming on the Island and tells of the unique stories that go with it. The behind-the-scenes peeks into greenhouses and animal housing make for an entertaining field trip.

Alie's Top shopping Picks

Find the perfect gift for your friends and family at home - or treat yourself to fabulous fashion finds. from bermuda shorts to locally made perfume to gorgeous bermuda inspired jewelry, alie has done the research for you and highly recommends these unique boutiques for all your bermuda shopping. 

Bermuda hosted the 35th America's Cup in June 2017. the best sailors on the fastest boats battled for the oldest trophy in international sport on the waters of our iconic great sound. although the event is over and emirates team new zealand won the cup, bermuda will always be a sailor's paradise. Click here to enjoy AC highlights.

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