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Mr. & Mrs. John Hinson Young III, 2020, The Ledgelets

The Ledgelets, 1948, Bermuda

Happy Smilers.Plantation Inn Album Cover.jpeg

The Happy Smilers, PLantation Inn,

Ocho Rios, Jamaica, 1974

*A Kalypso Band John's father, Jay, sponsored to go on European tours, + they in turn,  

cut albums for the hotel.

meet the Young's

Warm Bermudian greetings wait for you at The Ledgelets Cottage Collective. Owners John and Alison Young have created a private getaway rich in personality with a chic island vibe. Between them, John and Alison have extensive hospitality and customer service experience. John’s family has owned The Ledgelets property since the 1930s and the Ledgelets is a legacy of love.


John and Alison met in 2007 while both were working at the renowned Tucker’s Point Club (*now @rosewoodbermuda)  and married in 2012. Their daughter arrived in November 2014. Alison brings her unique style and fashion experience to The Ledgelets – creating a modern nostalgic, relaxing retreat. John’s vast hospitality and business acumen ensures all your needs will be met. Their friendly, welcoming nature and knowledge of Bermuda means all visitors will enjoy comfortable and authentic island experience.

History of the ledgelets

Bermuda history perfectly combines with modern island style at the Ledgelets Cottage Collective - a tranquil yet modern tourist retreat steeped in personality.


John's family has lived in Somerset for over 275 years. His grandfather - John Young the first settled into The Ledgelets property in the late 1930s and began taking in paying guests on an impulse. A unique cottage community was born. The Ledgelets officially opened as tourist accommodation in 1948. John and Alison are committed to his legacy, keeping alive many of the traditions he started and creating a Bermuda sanctuary where visitors are warmly welcomed and treated like family.


The cottages retain their sense of history and all that makes The Ledgelets a special place. John and Alison have kept the original architecture and created a memorable place to stay, with all modern amenities to make your visit as comfortable and as special as possible.


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